Sunday, May 11, 2008

Boys can be so entertaining. . . . .

Last Thursday the Youth group at our Church had an outing to go roller skating. It's always a fun time. The boys in our group out rank the girls and it's always fun to watch them when they get together. It's funny how they can change so much in just 6 months. During the evening I was watching from a table since my Husband had forbade me to skate saying I had 5 children to take care of and he couldn't take time off work to take care of me and my broken hip. :0) It was funny to see the boys as they skated around the floor. They had to make sure they looked "cool" even though I don't think they realized they had actually NO rhythm when it came to skating. At times it looked like they were the sons of Frankenstein skating instead. But the funniest point came when they all got together off of the rink and were sitting in a group watching the girls. Every time the girls would come around by their table you should have seen it. I mean sitting upright, shoulders back, chests out, it was a hilarious sight! I think that point was the best entertainment of the night! I only wish I had it on film! All in all it was a great evening and I can't wait till the next time. At least next time I'll remember to get a pic of the "boys club"!

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