Sunday, May 11, 2008

Brownie points for the Hubby!

If you have a teenager then you know of the abyss otherwise called their "bedroom". I don't care, unless either you or your teen is completely suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder then you have one. My house is no different. I have two of those zones. A female version, and a male version. You know what I'm talking about, the room that when you open the door you think you remember what color the carpet is or the fact that you slightly remember that the room had any carpet in it at all. In fact you haven't seen the floor in so long you just aren't sure. In the girl's room , it most of the time looks like a washing machine has exploded and left the remnants of 100 loads all over the place. In the boys room it's a whole other issue. Not only are you unsure of the floor color, I think they bring their gym locker home with them. Well, at least the smell anyways. Whew! Talk about you garbage gut aroma! Not even the daily dousing of axe can help. Have you ever smelled the fragrance of gym sweat trying to be covered up by axe? Oh not a pleasant experience at all!
Well, the other day my Hubby showed me just how to get the attention of our resident slobs. Through their wallet! Our family is taking our yearly vacation to the mountains of NC this summer so my Hubby made the kids a deal. If they cleaned their rooms by the weekend and they kept them clean until vacation he would give them $50 each for spending money. Boy, it was like a class 5 hurricane hit the house. I have never seen so many clothes come out of two bedrooms before. I know exactly how much because they decided to sort them all over my living room. Boy it's a good thing we just got the new dryer! In about 2 hours they not only had their rooms clean, but they were starting to put away their freshly washed clothes. That's right they were actually putting the clothes away in the dressers and hanging them up in the closets! The most hilarious thing though was the fact that Jacob and Meg's grandmother came over to supervise. I can only say that my dear Jacob with his 14 yearolditis hates it when that happens. I walked in to the boys room to overhear him call her "Eva". Well being confused since her real name is Elaine I asked what the nickname was for. She informed me that he had given her the nickname of Eva after Eva Braun. That's right, Hitler's girlfriend! Well, I just about peed my pants over that one. So far so good, the rooms are still clean, the boy's room actually smells normal, and they have been picking up after themselves. Gee, who'd of thunk that bribery still works these days?

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