Friday, May 2, 2008

Dryer continued . . . .

Well, from my last post you all know the ongoing saga that has been happening with our dryer. Almost 4 months of drying/heating issues have now been resolved with the newest addition to our family . . . . . . . that's right, when my poor husband arrived home from a hard day at work (I'm laying it on thick) I hesitantly had to inform him of the newest chapter in the soap opera life I call laundry. Well, he took it very well to say the least. His exact comment was, "I'm tired of fooling with the stupid thing so let's just go buy a new one." Music to my ears!!!! Well, I had to just about control my desire to move around the living room floor as if Tony from Dancing With The Stars were leading me in a high energy quick-step. Mind you all of this excitement was VERY calmly hidden behind my loving wife's look of sympathy and understanding. So, without hesitation (I truly had to keep myself from bolting out the door like a kid on her way to Chuck E Cheese) off to Lowe's we went. All you women out there have to give me a gold star. I could have lobbied my case for one of the cadillac dryers on the appliance showroom floor but alas, I told my husband, "As long as it drys, I'll take it!". So here I am writing about this newest chapter this morning while happily listening to that little darling dryer of mine just tumbling away in the laundry room. Oops, what's that? Hallelujah!! After only 30mins my clothes are dry!!!! Thank the Lord!!

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