Monday, May 5, 2008

Fav food of the week shout-out!

I can only say that very few times in life you come across that one thing that is so good and tasty that it makes you want to trade your first born for a lifetime supply of it. This past weekend, I found one of those things. My Husband, two girls, and I went fishing in Steinhatchee, Fl. We decided to come in to get something to eat and chose to try the local Hungry Howie's. One thing we liked is that they had a boat dock we could drive right up to. Never having eaten there before we all decided on subs. I personally had the meatball, my Husband and daughter had the club, and my step-daughter tried the ham & cheese. I can only say........ OH MY!! They absolutely had to be the best subs we have ever eaten. And to top it off, they had this fabulous sub sauce. They're not your normal subs, picture mini calzones with not your normal cheese, but a sub in the middle instead. I'm telling you even last night we were wishing there was a Hungry Howie's around the corner because I think we all would have been fighting to get in line first! So this is my fav food of the week shout-out. Way to go Hungry Howies!!!!

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