Friday, May 16, 2008

A gift only a Mother could love (maybe). . . . .

You know it really is true what they say about gifts, that the homemade ones are more special than anything that could have been store bought. Having 5 kids I always say that this is true. Well, the other night my 2 year old proved this statement to be quite wrong. It was quite late, around 10:00pm or so and my 2 year old was still running around on a sugar high that his siblings had created with too many popsicles. He finally started to wind down and he came over to me as I was at the computer and climbed up on my lap. I knew that he was probably wanting to cuddle and go to sleep but no matter what position he ended up in he just could not get comfortable. Up and down, up and down, sitting this way then that way, finally after about 5 minutes he slid down off of my lap and turned around to face me. I sat there thinking this couldn't get any better. There he was just standing there with that glazed kind of look they get when they're on the verge of falling off to dreamland with what I thought was a cute little look on his face. Well at least that's what I thought until I heard the gurgling that could only be described as a pump that is drawing water and air together. You guessed it, before I could duck and cover my blessed beautiful little boy proceeded to give me a facial that I will NEVER forget. I just sat there in shock as I was completely drenched in what seemed like 4 different meals all in one. My daughter happened to be in the room at the time and jumped up off the couch with a look of absolute horror. But I have to give her credit. She ran over and grabbed Adam from behind and proceeded to run him to the bathroom as he proceeded to redecorate my newly painted walls. The fun was just starting. You know Husbands can be very loving and supportive but they can also ask the most unbelievable questions. As I was dealing with Adam's third or fourth episode (I lost count), my Husband finally came out of his man cave and asked the question of the evening, "What is he doing that for?". You all will have to be proud of me , I admit that my first response wanted to be, "Oh he thought that spaghetti, peanut butter, and popsicles would just complete the living room makeover!" but I just turned around and gave him the "what kind of question was that" look. Needless to say, he turned around and went back to bed. I'm not sure if it was my look or the fact that there was no way he was getting knee deep in his son's excrements. But, we're on the downside of this lovely stomach bug. After going through Adam and both his sister's I think it's finally out the door. Can I say my shout out for household item of the week is a toss-up between my mop and my super-size can of lysol!

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