Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Household Helpers

Ok we all have them. You know those lovely cans and bottles of those wonderful chemical concoctions that we all say we just can't live without. The items that put a spit-shine on our kitchens, bathrooms, clothes, you name it. Well, I figured that I would highlight one of my "can't live withouts" once a week. So, this week I'm going to start out with a lovely little can of what I think is probably one of the best cleaners ever invented. It's no surprise that it has been around since 1882. I'm talking about Bar Keepers Friend. For those of you that have this little jewel sitting under your kitchen sink waiting to sprout on the next stubborn stain you truly are blessed. For those of you that don't, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! I'm telling you I have yet to find something that this cleaner won't attack with a vengeance. From stainless steel to porcelain, ceramic tile to showers and hey, even my hubby's boat! Who said that you need to buy the newest most exciting cleaner on the market? You just need the most experienced. Here's a link for a free sample. Bar Keepers Friend sample.

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