Friday, May 23, 2008

How come this never happened when I was a kid?

As I mentioned before, our youngest son Adam has been ailing from a stomach bug. In the past week he has managed to "unload" about three times. Once on me, second all over the interior of the car, and third all over the hallway and bathroom. Just when it looked like he was perking up yesterday he started declining yesterday afternoon so I decided to take him to the Doctor. Well after the usual exam I could not believe what she was "prescribing". Her exact words were, "Give him whatever he wants, if he wants to eat ice cream, let him eat ice cream I don't care.". She then proceeded to get him a popsicle for the road. She even gave him his choice of flavors. I think she was more worried about making sure he was still her "friend" rather than thinking what consequences I would be dealing with later! Well, I just kind of stood there with a polite smile on my face all the while thinking what kind of bubble gum machine did this person get her license from! How come when I was a kid never and I mean NEVER did I ever hear the Doctor give that same advice to my Mom? So far so good, after 1 popsicle, 6 cookies, 2 lollipops, 3 ice cream cones, numerous pepsi's, french fries(McDonalds, of course), and a lot of other junk food I'm sure I don't know about his stomach is as iron-clad as a warship. On the other hand he's bouncing around the house like he's the son of the "Mask" or something. And who said all that stuff wasn't good for you?

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