Sunday, May 11, 2008

It's amazing what "formal attire" means today.

It's completely normal for a man to hate to dress up. My Husband is no different. The other night my son Jacob had his end of the year band banquet at the local High School. When we got the invitation, it stated "formal attire". Ok to me that means for a man shirt and tie at least. For the two weeks preceeding the dinner, I kept telling Jake and John that they were going to have to dress up. You women out there should know my pain. Believe it or not, Jacob wasn't the bad one. He is actually at that point in his teenage life when he's back to not minding dressing up again. My Husband however hates to even think of putting on a tie. Don't get me wrong, he wears casual long-sleeve shirts to Church all the time but a dress shirt and tie well that happens few and far between. When we were getting ready the other night I again had to stress to him that he had to wear a tie only to hear him reply "I'm probably going to be the only one there with a tie on.". Well we got dressed and had to stop at the local Beall's on the way to get a tie that matched his shirt. We arrived at the dinner and all you women out there can start feeling my pain. After we walked in and sat down that's when it started, first was the guy in the work jeans, denim shirt and to top off his formal attire, a Gators cap. But that wasn't the worst, the next one to come walking by had on a tropical print fishing shirt along with cargo shorts! You can only imagine the look that was on my Husband's face. You know the one that looks like he has been completely set up? Only to intermittingly flashing the big look of "I TOLD YOU SO!". The only thing that topped off the evening was the fact that we had argued most of the afternoon about the color of his shirt, he insisted that it was green, I insisted that it was blue. Well, I guess I'll have to give him the win on this one. So, if any of you out there are planning a formal get together, don't invite me or if you do full expect us to probably come in a tank top with cut-offs because I will NEVER be able to get my husband in a tie again!

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