Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Just when you thought you had heard it all . . . . .

Having been born and raised in South Florida, Fort Lauderdale to be exact I saw first hand on a daily basis the absolute waste and complete ineptness of not only county but of various elected city officials. But the latest story tops them all. In a story posted on the Sun-Sentinel website(see article), the city commission of North Lauderdale wants to separate the state of Florida into two states. That's right you guessed it the North and the South! They propose cutting the state in half just north of Jupiter, Florida. Their argument for this is their feeling that the "North" gets more tax dollars than the "South". Ok now let's just get out our atlas and have a look at this situation. Apparently none of these people have ever heard of the term per capita? I assume they realize that tax dollars are spread throughout the ENTIRE population of the state. So, let's do a little math lesson. In 2006 there were roughly 18 million people residing in the entire state. Roughly 3 million of those resided in South Florida. Hmmmm, so logic would tell you that in a hypothetical situation if $5.00 were spent on every resident in the State, common sense would say that roughly $15 million would go to the "South" as they want to be called and the rest of the ENTIRE state would get $45 million. I finally figured out the problem, apparently someone didn't do the math! When will these guys ever learn?

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