Monday, May 5, 2008

Latest fishing excursion

Saturday was our latest fishing excursion to Steinhatchee. This was the first time that the girls came along with us. I can honestly say it's the most excited I have seen them. They day started off early(around 5:15am) and we got there about 7:30am. Well the first stop was at the marina to get bait. I can honestly say that I don't think the gentleman at the bait tank was quite ready for the girls' reaction to the shrimp. Three minutes of shrills and shrieks thoroughly made his morning as he proceeded to "gross" the girls out asking them who was going to put the hook through. We finally got to the boat ramp, launched, and proceeded out to our fishing hole. The first one to land a fish was Brenna but to everyone's surprise it wasn't a fish but a shark!! She had landed about a 12 inch bonnet head and much to her father's shock proceeded to land it almost right in his lap. I can honestly say our day at sea was eventful. Between the girl's providing enough volume in their screams when trying to catch the shrimp in the live well that I think every boat within a 2 mile radius could hear them to even bigger screams when they saw the teeth of the fish they were catching. Everyone landed at least one keeper. Brenna a mackerel, Meghan a pompano and a mack, me a trout and then there's John. No he couldn't let the girl's win out he had to finish the day with a 3 foot bonnet head shark. His first! I can honestly say that it was an exciting fight between man and fish. Hopefully the eating will be even better! But Meghan actually had the biggest catch of the day. While John and I were fishing off the stern, I heard a loud splash behind me. I spun around thinking that one of the girls had managed to fall in only to find out that somehow Meg had actually hooked the boat and then managed to throw her rod/reel overboard! Luckily we were in the flats and I was able to retrieve her Grandfather's reel with the gaf. Only Meghan could accomplish that one! At least their first flats fishing trip will be very memorable for them!

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Anonymous said...

I saw your post about Polar Cup on someone elses page.

You must have lived near Oakland Pk Blvd and Andrews Ave - as that's the only Polar Cup I can remember.

I used to live in Wilton Manors - behind the Manor Lanes Bowling alley.

I just moved back to FL - Tampa now - and saw a Polar Cup truck on the road last week - but I cant find any of their 'stores' nearby.

When I find one, I'll toast ya' when I drink it (and curse the brain freeze!)

Tom Liddle