Friday, May 2, 2008

Life will never be the same . . . . .

I wanted to let all of you know about the newest recreational activity our family has started partaking in. Saltwater fishing! A few years ago my Husband lept onto the "Men and their toys" train and bought a 19 foot Carolina skiff. Having at that time 4 kids and living so near the Suwannee River in North Florida, we both decided that having a boat would be a great way to spend time as a family on weekends either fishing or just running down the river. I must say it has been a great addition to our family. We have taken it numerous times just on the river for the day but also rented a house along the Gulf Coast for our yearly family vacation and took the boat with us. This year my Husband decided (I admit with some prodding from me) to take the boat out for some saltwater fishing out of Steinhatchee, Florida. We have gone about 3 times now and I can honestly say it is the most exciting thing I have done. The greatest thing about it is you never know what is on the other end of the line!! And sometimes you literally never know since the buggers like to chew through the line (especially mine it seems). On our last excursion, my Husband finally achieved his ultimate saltwater fishing goal. You know, the one that this time of year hogs all of the chat time on the fishing forums. The one that the fisherman say is a great flat fishing experience. He caught a redfish!! I can only say he looked like a kid opening that first present on Christmas morning. It was great. And then of course I had to hear about it all the way home. I'm talking an hour's worth of redfish!! But I can't complain, I probably would have done the same!!

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