Saturday, May 17, 2008

Teenage senility. . . . .

As we were sitting around today chatting after a sewing lesson, we started remembering all of the crazy, brainless, and no offense completely blonde statements our teens have said over the years. I decided to share just a few with you. Please post any that you may have to share!

  • Upon walking up on our sewing session (we were making a purse), my daughter proceeds to ask if it was a Vera Bradley purse we were making.
  • When my niece was walking in the mall while shopping, she happened to glance in a window while walking by and yes saw her reflection. Needless to say I was completely stupefied when she proceeded with the following statement, "Look! That girl looks just like me, and she has on the same outfit!" If only there had been a rock for me to hide under.
  • When we brought our youngest son Adam home, my youngest daughter made the following statement upon seeing his umbilical cord, "Oh, is that where his electrical cord is?". I couldn't help myself. I replied, "Yes, we have to recharge him every evening."!
  • Just today the girl's walked into the kitchen and saw us shucking corn, their next statement was "Are we having corn tonight?", I said "No, I just like shucking corn for the absolute fun of it."!
Those were just a few of the many things that can come out of their mouths. Please share any that you may have!

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