Friday, June 27, 2008

Hillbilly House. . . . . .

You know we all have those home improvement projects that we would all like to accomplish. Especially after watching the guru's on HGTV and DIY make it look so simple and easy (they just don't show the 50 or so people that are ACTUALLY doing the work for them off camera!). I'll admit I am a closet carpenter. I love doing home improvement projects my to my Husband's chagrin. There is nothing he hates more than seeing the "twinkle" appear in my eye after watching the latest episode showing them removing a load-bearing wall or chimney. Well, there has been an area in our house that has been in need of a re-do. You see, we live in a mobile home and for those of you that do you know that it is inevitable that things start going downhill to say the least. At some point in our master bath there must have been a water leak and the floor in front of my vanity area has been getting progressively "soft" to say the least. I have pictured myself doing a freestyle flop right through the floor to the ground below many a day. Well, I guess I finally nagged my husband enough (you know all of you women do!). I would have been satisfied with just ripping out the old and using the hall bath for now. I'm a realist when it comes to home improvement and I knew there was no way my Hubby was going to jump in with both barrels and get it done in one weekend. Little did I know that he was going to jump in with a BB gun! After my nagging had finally reached his limit, he agreed to at least "cut out the bad part of the floor and replace the plywood for now". Hey, I thought that was a good start, at least I could brush my teeth without having to picture being able to weed my flower bed at the same time. So off to Lowe's we went to purchase the supplies for the "patch job" as my Husband described it. We started ripping out the floor and I honestly thought that this was going quite well. That is until it was my Husband who fell through the floor to the ground below. I could still kick myself for not asking him to pull out that menacing weed. Anyway after pulling him back up from the abyss we finished the tear-out. Now here's where this job started going downhill at least from my view. We measured and measured again and then cut out our patch piece. Well, of course when we went to lay it down inside there was about a 5 inch wide area that wasn't covered. My thinking was just cut-out a piece to fit here, I thought it would be a simple solution and wouldn't look that bad. But, my Husband had other plans. His idea was to just "cut a piece to lay on top of it". I just stood there smiling at him and to my horror actually heard myself say, "Whatever you think honey, that'll be fine." I could still slap myself for that! Well he did just what he had said, he cut a piece and nailed it over the first patch job. I now have a tri-level bathroom floor. You should all be so jealous! I actually live in a Hillbilly House. I was standing there thinking where is Jeff Foxworthy when you need him? We could probably make some money by becoming Foxworthy's next "You might be a redneck" joke! Maybe next week we could break ground on the outhouse.

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