Thursday, June 12, 2008

I'm actually bored!

You'd think that I would be used to this time during the summer. Usually in early June my kids Jake and Meghan go and visit their Dad for a month. At the same time my step-kids Damien and Brenna go an stay with their Mom for 1 week at a time. You would think that with having five kids around the house throughout the year I would absolutely give my right arm to have some peace and quiet. Well, for the past week I have had just that and it's driving me absolutely nuts!! That and poor Adam our youngest is completely out of his element not having his choice of 4 older siblings at his beckon call! I guess this really teaches you to be careful what you wish for! I can't wait for the noise, mess, fights, and utter chaos that goes along with 5 kids!! Bring it on!!

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