Saturday, July 5, 2008

Anybody remember pong?

I am amazed daily at the technological advances that are made in the area of video games. It seems that the only thing left is to invent one that actually plays the game for you. But, maybe they already have and we just haven't heard about it in Live Oak. The kids today just truly do not know how good they have got it. Although they said the same about our generation too I'm sure. How long do you think the average teenager of today would last say in any given year from the 50's? I would almost pay for that opportunity for any 1 of our four to make that trip. I mean, let's think about this. First of all, if you were lucky enough to have a television in your house you can bet that it would not be in color. The horror! But that's not the worst. Can you imagine any teen of today actually having to deal with rabbit ears or even with the fact that they would have to walk across the living to room to change the channel? Well I think that alone would just about push 75% of them over the edge right there. Plus how about the fact that they would have to get up to answer the phone, and no caller-id, call-waiting, speed dial, heck they'd have a rotary dial! This is getting better and better! What about the boys, forget the cushy riding lawnmowers, they'd actually have to walk! Forget the Saturday movie, just sitting on the porch watching my sons have to do that is entertainment enough! Plus, it would be absolutely expected of anyone to use "please and thank you" plus "yes ma'm and sir". How in the world would they handle it? I say forget all of this nonsense spending on laser guided whatchamacallits and let's fund a re-creation of a Leave it to Beaver neighborhood that each and every teen in America would have to spend at least 2 weeks every year learning to appreciate the truly finer things in life that they are blessed with!


jake said...

that would be fun 5 cent movies the good sitcoms and all the classic cars

Danell said...

Yeah but unfortunately for you no cell phone, playstation, or DVD!