Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fav food of the week shoutout . . . . .

This week I figured I would highlight a favorite food of ours that we had just a few weeks ago at my Hubby's 40th birthday party. Pulled pork bbq. Now I know the style bbq you eat depends on the area you come from. People from Kansas argue that their's is better than the folks from Texas and the Carolinians insist that you have to eat it with slaw on top. I'm not going to say who's is best but I have to say that the bbq we made was quite good. Start off with a boston butt. Now the size you buy completely depends on the amount you want. Just to tell you at the party I cooked 3 boston butts for about 25-30 people and had about a gallon sized bag left. Anyway, I cook mine in a crock pot on low overnight. One key ingredient is to add about 3 cups of beef broth and pour it over the meat so it can sit there and marinate while it's cooking. Once the meat is done, the fun begins. Now if you're one of those people that hate getting their hands "dirty" while cooking, this recipe isn't for you. I usually take the meat and sit it out on a platter and get my large bowl ready beside it. Start pulling apart to your hearts content. The finer you shred it the better it is plus this is the time that you pull apart place a little in the bowl and then a little in your mouth! Once you have the entire roast shredded you have two choices, you can either mix it with your favorite sauce or you can make your own. Serve it on buns with your best homemade bbq beans and you can't beat it!

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