Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Getting Ancy. . . . .

Well, our yearly vacation is almost upon us. This year my Hubby wanted to go to the mountains so off to Gatlinburg we will be a going. I found a terrific deal on a rental house outside of Gatlinburg that sleeps 10 so it will be a great fit for our brood of seven! We will be leaving early early early Saturday morning (3am). We both have very fond memories of the mountains since both of our families chose that as the destination for our family vacations growing up. The only part I'm not looking forward to is the 8+ hour car ride up there! I don't know who'll be worse, the 2 year old or the teenagers. So, right now we're on count-down mode. Rooms are being cleaned (they're all trying to win $50.00 in spending money), laundry is being done, and lists are being made and checked. So far so good but I'm sure by Friday at midnight I'll have 100 more gray hairs and a nervous twitch in my right eye! Oh what we put ourselves through for the sake of relaxation!

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