Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Got a funny story?

We all know that along with raising kids everyone gets their fair share of hilarious happenings and funny stories to tell to future generations. As I was walking through Walmart today near the pharmacy my eyes fell across a certain section of the store and it proceeded to trigger a memory of just one of those funny stories as told by one of my "other" moms Nadine. Many years ago she and her husband had company over for dinner. At one point during the evening her then 3 year old son (who's a lot older now and will probably kill me!) wandered down the hallway. Well, they didn't think anything of it but as mothers we all know what a little "silence" usually means. After a few minutes, little John John came walking back down the hallway with his new find. To Nadine's absolute horror little John came walking in with his "pillow" on his shoulder proudly showing off his find to all who would listen. Well, what he had actually found was one of his mother's sanitary napkins in the bathroom. That's right! Little John was cuddling a stayfree maxi pad! I can only imagine what my reaction would have been if Adam had done the same. I would have to decide between crawling under the nearest rock I could find or just run out of the house in complete humiliation! So, everyone tell us your funny story. Leave nothing out. You know we all love a good laugh.

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