Sunday, July 27, 2008

Household Helpers

Hope you all enjoyed the helper from last week. I've gotten quite a few stares at the grocery store this week while going through all the loaves looking for the right color twist tie!

This week I thought I would list some age-old helpers. You decide if they really work.
  • For a minor burn use colgate or crest toothpaste
  • Want your finger nail polish to dry quicker? Use Pam cooking spray.
  • Burn your tongue? Put some sugar on it!
  • Got stinky feet? One word - Jello! (I'm actually going to try this one out since there is a certain someone that has this problem in our house.)
  • Use kool-aid to clean your dishwasher pipes. Add it to the detergent. It will also clean toilets. (Now this one I'm leery of, at least if it doesn't work you'll have a nice colored toilet. Just remember to use the appropriate flavor for the color that matches your decor in case you're stuck with it!)
  • Elmer's Glue - smear on your face, let it dry and peel for a cheap and inexpensive facemask. Hmmm, although make sure you don't get it on your eyelashes. Ouch! That could hurt!
If you've used these before, post a comment to let all of us know it's ok! If you haven't, use at your own risk! Especially the Elmer's Glue! P.S. No you can't put it on your teenager's face hoping it will dry and permanently keep their mouth shut!

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