Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I thought this was summer vacation!

Boy, you know living in a house with 6 other people you really must learn to live with complete and utter chaos happening all around you pretty much 24 hours a day. I have to admit that I look forward to the kids' summer vacation. Just the thought of not having to deal with getting 4 teens up and out of bed, fed, and dressed by 7:15a makes me want to run around the house in my nightgown yelling "I'm Free! I'm Free!". Ok, so that picture might want to make my 14 year olds enter therapy at a young age but I'm allowed to dream aren't I? Well my kids Jake and Meghan left the 1st week of June to go and visit their Dad for 4 weeks. My stepkids Damien and Brenna go and stay at their Mom's every other week. You would think that being able to get that much of a break would make me think I'm living at a Spa with Miss Clairol as my roommate. But geesh, I'm about ready to wish for school to start tomorrow. Turns out my Mother sold her house (a true blessing) and she leased an apartment here in town. So we proceeded to have to pack up a 1900 sq ft house and haul it over to a 2 bedroom apartment. Hallelujah we survived it! That's where this story at least on my part goes south. Originally when my Mother looked into the apartments she only wanted a 1 bedroom. Unfortunately they only had 2 bedrooms left so she went ahead and leased with the knowledge that when a 1 bedroom became available she would be able to move into one (8 - 12 months down the road or so they said). Well, the boxes weren't even on the floor long enough to make an indent before SURPRISE a 1 bedroom opened up. You could have knocked me over with a feather. Oh no, not from the excitement but from the sheer horror of knowing that I had to move her AGAIN in less than 1 week! Today was D-Day. I tell you I felt like slave labor from a third world country. The same thing over and over, pick up box, stagger down the hallway, stumble out the front door, pause to gasp and ponder if that pop was a disc in your back or a hernia in your gut, then trudge out to the truck and heave the box onto the trailer. And think I only had to do that 5000 times! Am I lucky or what? Well, after what seemed an eternity we finished or should I say we hit the brick wall and there was no way any of us was going to attempt to climb it for the 5001 time! Forget the Wii fitness pack, I've got a better workout for you!


jacob said...

now you know how my and damien feel

Danell said...

Can you hear my violin playing for you?