Friday, July 25, 2008

No excuses. . . .

If you ever needed a visualization of what Philippians 4:13 means, all you need to do is watch this video. So many times in our lives it is much easier to complain and state what we can't do. To only focus on what we consider are our "burdens". If all of us just had 1/10th of the tenacity, perseverance, strength, and belief in ourselves that is shown in this video just imagine the miracles that we could accomplish. This video brings to mind a dear couple Ronnie and Barbara who clearly showed to me the true meaning of this verse but also the definition of ultimate sacrifice. Their son Bobby was born with down syndrome. At a time when the medical community's only suggestion was to permanently institutionalize him, Ronnie and Barbara celebrated Bobby's life including him in every family activity and Bobby became such a joy and shining light in many people's lives. Again thanks goes to Cheryl from Diary of a Crazy Lady for this clip. Viewer beware, you may want to grab a kleenex

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