Thursday, July 10, 2008

The royal treatment......

For those that know me know that I am NOT a fru-fru person in any way. So it might come as a shock to those when I tell them that I actually splurged on myself for once. I went today and had a pedicure and a set of them "fancy" nails put on! So, if I screw up the typing it's because I'm still getting used to them! The fun started when we walked in. Like most nail salons (at least in our area), it was staffed entirely by vietnamese. That being said they spoke very little english and would spout off into tirades of vietnamese amongst themselves. I can only imagine what they're actually saying all the while looking at you with a smile on their face! You know probably, "Can you believe what these toes look like? They look like they been put through a meat grinder and ooh the smell!" I don't even want to know what they're thinking. The pedicure was nice especially since it was my very first one but I am not one that likes to have people do things for me especially sitting there letting someone massage my legs(boy that was nice), or do my nails. I can say that if I worked in that shop day in and day out I don't think I would have a single brain cell left. The fumes! Geesh I kept watching to make sure that no one pulled out a lighter, one spark and boom forget how our nails looked someone would be doing our hair for our post-mortem. Anyhow I can honestly say that at least until I get completely aggravated with these fancy bling blings my hubby can now call me "high maintenance". Now if only I could open this can of soda without flipping my nail across the room.

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