Saturday, July 12, 2008

So far so good. . . . .

Well we have officially started on our road trip. We left the house this morning right on cue much to my Hubby's delight at 4am. Poor Adam started off on a rough patch since getting woken up at 3:30am is not what he bargained for but luckily for us he met back up with the sandman pretty quickly. Here's the official tally so far: 1 gas stop(love that cheap gas in Georgia!), 2 I gotta go's, 4 How long will it take to get there's, 5 I'm hungry's, and only 1 I'm bored. I think that's a good count so far, yes we are only 70 miles from home but with 5 kids and 5 adults you can't ask for much. I'll try and keep logging in and posting about our adventurous road trip today. For now, enjoy your nice comfortable snug in a bug bed because I'm cramped in a Ford pickup with just enough room to put my feet in a 1x2 area on the floor in front of me. All for the sake of that little thing we call vacation!

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