Tuesday, July 8, 2008

They're back. . . . . . . . .

Well you all know that two of our kids have been gone for the past month visiting their Dad in South Florida. Today, I made the pilgrimage to Jacksonville to the airport along with two Grandma's, one little brother, and one girlfriend. Needless to say the minivan was the vehicle of choice. After going through what seemed 40 miles of construction (it was actually about 2), my daughter Meghan sent me a text message that their plane was delayed for one hour. We could have let that be a complete damper to our afternoon but it took all of about a nanosecond to plan a side trip to Target. I have to admit one of my favorite things in the world is to shop the endcaps at Target. I have found some great clearance items there. Unfortunately it was slim pickins today and we left after a glum shopping session. Off to the airport we went. We picked up the kids, got the luggage, and left the airport in record time. If only the return trip was just as good. After stopping for some good cheesy thin crust grease drippin down your arm pizza, we started for Live Oak. Unfortunately for me I missed the turn for 295W off of I-95S (give me a break! there was tons of construction!). I then realized that I had to make the whole trek to I10W during rush-hour traffic in Jacksonville. Just my luck. I realized after about 5 minutes exactly why I no longer live in the big city. No offense but 95% of the drivers must leave their common sense at home before they before they get in their car to drive! I think I counted 5 times that I was "politely" cut-off. Finally, we merged onto I10 and left the big city behind. And of course it always seems that when I'm driving, that's when mother nature wants it to rain like cats and dogs. Whew! We finally made it home all in one piece! I think next time I'll hire a chauffeur!

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