Saturday, July 5, 2008

What's your favorite?

I decided to change up the question of the month. I'm going to be adding one weekly. Our last question showed that we are no different than most women. We all color our hair and are not ashamed to admit it. The new question is about your choice of soft-drink. In our house there are multiple favorites. Mine of course if Pepsi (diet actually), the boys love Mountain Dew (anything with 10,000 grams of caffeine), the girls will choose Dr. Pepper a lot of the time. So, which one do you like?


megs said...

hey! megs again!that is true i am a big fan of dr. pepper!:o) yummy!

Danell said...

Unfortunately for you Sobe isn't a soft drink!

megs said...

:o( i know he he he he!:o)