Saturday, August 2, 2008

Beauty night. . . . . .

I guess when the boys got haircuts the other day it started the girls thinking about their hair. Today they conned me into making a trip to the local Sally's Beauty Supply. I just didn't realize what idea they had come up with. It seems that they both wanted to get their hair highlighted. Now mind you I was never one of those that worried about their hair. My idea of a good haircut is one that I can get right out of the shower, towel dry, throw in some sunglasses (not for sun but for the hair!), and be one my way. The term highlights never entered my hair philosophy. Anyway I must have had a moment of weakness either that or my blood sugar was extremely low! So, down the hair color aisle we went. Picking out the right highlighting cap, developer, brush, gloves, color, etc.. Now, I will say that I had my hair highlighted once. And believe me it only took the torture of having my hair highlighted once to convince me that I never wanted to do that again! Just the memory of that little hair pick poking through that cap and me feeling like I was being electrocuted with every pull made me wonder why any person would want to do that to themselves. Anyway, I paid for our purchases and off to the house we went. Meghan was up first. On with the cap and the poking began. I did warn them ahead of time but they assured me they would be fine. Well halfway through I was beginning to doubt their commitment to their decision.

Boy, we finally finished pulling Meg's hair through. I don't know who had it worse, her for having to actually go through with it or me for actually having to do it! Don't worry, no bleach for us I called a dear friend who has been a hairdresser for years and she gave me a wonderful safe option to bleach instead. So, I coated her hair with the Wella 1030 color with 20 developer and left it under a cap for 30 minutes. Voila thirty minutes later I don't know who was more pleased Meg for having her highlights or me thankful that her hair didn't fall out! And to think I got to repeat this whole thing again! Whew! Poor Brenna got to go through the lovely treatment also. All in all I think the night o' beauty went fairly well. The girls got their highlights, my blood pressure stayed intact, and no one lost any hair!

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