Sunday, August 10, 2008

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You know let's face it we live in a world where most people base their success on materialistic things and where most people think that the only way to live is to go go go.

I'm just as guilty as the next person. My cellphone is always on my hip when I leave the house, we're a "wired" family meaning that we are all guilty (me the most) of surfing the web. I'm usually up until late, it just seems that I'm in constant on mode. I guess if I wanted to I could easily say that having 5 kids means a busy life. But in reality I think we're all guilty of letting society tell us how our lives should be.

Being a Christian we all know that there is one day that is specifically set a side as a day of rest. I'm talking about Sunday. But lately even on Sunday's it seems as if those little "errands" that just can't wait have started popping up more and more. Pretty soon our day of rest has turned in to just another weekend day for us to get more things accomplished so we feel as if our week hasn't been wasted. Well guess what? I quit! That's right, today after Church I came home and I am not afraid to admit it I walked right past that sink of dirty dishes, ignored the pile of clothes in my bathroom that needed to be washed, and overlooked that clutter that was popping up on the dining room table. After lunch I actually took a nap with my 2 year old (how wonderful!), and caught up on watching "Living with Ed". I confusingly watched my 15yo play Mario Galaxy on the Wii and no I did not attempt to even try and figure out how to play it! I didn't worry that the cars needed to be cleaned out or that the grass wasn't quite finished being cut. I didn't even worry that I really needed to run up to Wally World aka Walmart although that one really put me through withdrawal I mean doesn't everyone need their daily fix?

I truly enjoyed my day of rest. So, I hope all of you don't let the Jones' down the street tell you what you need in your life to make it seem important or justified. That the world's view of success is not your own. And that you find peace and relaxation in a day that God gave us to recharge not only our physical but our spiritual batteries as well.

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