Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy Birthday! ! ! ! !

Well today was the second birthday in our household in little over a week. The oldest of the five turned another year older in age and about 20 years in know-it-all! And of course as per my previous post this afternoon the biggest happening of the day was Jacob getting his learner's permit. Oh the excitement! You know the funny thing is is that he keeps stating "If anyone under 21 rides with me you had better be wearing your seatbelt or I'll get the ticket!". I think Nana summed it up perfectly this evening at the party when she replied, "Don't worry Jake if I'm riding with you I'll definitely be wearing mine!". Jake even had to smile at that one! My husband had the wretched task of bringing out the birthday cake so everyone could sing. What you have to understand is that Jake is a big FSU (Seminoles) fan and John is a diehard Gator! That's right we're a house divided. At least it's divided on the right ends, both the older boys are FSU and the parents are Gators so we can at least make them watch the U of F! Mamaw got a smirk in when Jake realized that the new trumpet case she bought him was made by the Gator company of Tampa and had a nice big Gator nameplate right on the side of the bag. What can I say, GO GATORS!

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