Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Household Helpers

I hope that I helped boost Coca-Cola's stock price with last week's helpers. This week I have searched the World Wide Web for some new and some timeless helpers. Some you may have already tried but if not I hope they help out in your household!

  • putting a slice of bread in your brown sugar container will resoften it and eliminate the hard lumps.
  • like the smell of your freshly cleaned clothes and linen? Then place fabric softener sheets in your drawers and linen closet to keep that nice clean smell for weeks.
  • throw in a few tennis balls in the dryer with your next load. It will not only cut your drying time 25%-50%, but will also fluff your clothes!
  • use air freshener to clean your mirrors. It not only works just as well but will also leave a nice clean scent behind!
  • to help keep ants at bay, sprinkle cinnamon and cayenne pepper around the outside of your house. The ants will not cross the line.
Hope these helpers do the job. If you find or know of a good helper, feel free to post a comment letting everyone else in on your secret!

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