Thursday, August 21, 2008

Household Helpers

Hope everyone enjoyed the helpers from last week. My girls especially loved the air freshener for cleaning mirrors idea. I guess it must have something to do with having to share their bathroom with two older brothers! I've found a few more "classic" household helpers I thought I would highlight. Some I'm sure you have probably heard of before and a few might just surprise you!
  • Using cool-whip in your hair for 15 minutes as a conditioner. Now I personally wonder how strawberries would go with that? :o)
  • Want shiny hair? Rinse it in brewed Lipton Tea.
  • Use chapstick or super glue on a paper cut.
  • Try rubbing WD-40 on those joints to ease arthritis pain.
  • Vaseline for removing eye makeup.
Hope you find that some of these work. I personally want to try out the super glue helper. Believe it or not they actually use a type of glue in Hospitals now for cuts instead of sutures!

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