Thursday, August 21, 2008

Peace and quiet finally!! (Well sort of. . . )

This week was the big event of the summer. I'm talking about the four older kids going back to school! Hey I must admit that I was ready to boot them out the door!

Those that know me know that in our house there is one person that reigns supreme over all. I'm not talking about the hard working father who get's up at 4:30 and goes to work for 10 hours a day. Or the mom who trudges behind 5 kids all the while wondering where her clean house went to. I'm not even talking about the know-it-all teenager who resides behind door number two. No, I'm talking about the cutesy little two year old that to anyone who lives outside of our "family" loop may think he is the most adorable well behaved little young man they have ever met. Hmmm, all I can say is let me put you in a room with him for 10 minutes after he has been sufficiently charged up by his siblings and you'll be begging to swim with the sharks without a cage! He is definitely the puppet master and his four older siblings are his marionettes! The funny thing is that they don't even realize it. He doesn't even have to say jump for them to ask him how high. Boy, he has his own little Chuck E' Cheese's minus the pizza right in his living room. He doesn't even have to try and drive them nuts, it just comes completely natural.

Just this evening he was helping his sister's rearrange something in their bedroom. Unfortunately they never asked for his help and it happened to be their fish tank. They now have a turtle and hot wheels theme going on instead of the normal sea life. Forget sharks, those poor fish have to dodge the never ending net that Adam keeps using trying to catch them so he can "hold" them. I wonder if they have fish shrinks because they're definitely going to be needing one.

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