Thursday, August 7, 2008

Question of the week. . . .

Well the US Government took the most blame for our gas situation in last week's question. This week I figured I would push a few buttons. Over at The Mom Blog's they were having a discussion regarding foreign language requirements. The big debate was whether or not it should be mandatory for High School students to take a foreign language in order to graduate. The opinions were far and wide. I personally think that it is great for a student to learn a second language. I myself took spanish in High School. I am leaning though toward the opinion that it should be an elective or "choice" of the student and their parents whether or not they take one and not a forced issue in order to get their diploma. So, what do you all think?


Jennifer said...

Hi! I clicked on your site b/c it has Brady Bunch in the title and I'm obsessed w/ the Brady Bunch!

Hmmmm--I took French from 1st grade all the way through college and I still can't really speak it--but I certainly learned a lot from it--not to mention that snazzy French accent I have perfected. But I don't think learning a language should be forced on anyone--so I guess my stand is that it should remain an elective.

Paul said...

As a student fresh out of high school, I think it's very important to at least have a basic foundation in a foreign language.

High school is all about sampling a little bit of everything to get an idea what's good for you: history, English, math, science, social sciences, and so forth. Foreign languages can always come in handy, and they also have the added benefit of exposing someone to a culture outside of their own.