Thursday, August 14, 2008

Question of the week. . . .

Well the consensus from last week's question was that most did not think that taking a foreign language in high school should be mandatory but voluntary instead.

This week I thought I would probe everyone's opinion regarding the ever daunting task of laundry. Lately one of my favorite channels to watch on TV is Planetgreen. I can say that it has triggered the "ecobug" in me. I've found myself surfing the web finding out about such things as rainwater barrels, solar panels, and even denim insulation! One thing that I heard was that most feel that powder laundry detergent is not only better at washing clothes but also better for the environment versus liquid due to the water.

So, what's your preference? Powder or Liquid? Don't worry I won't send the eco-police after you(I personally prefer liquid!)!

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