Friday, August 22, 2008

Question of the week. . . .

Well I guess the poll showed last week that none of us have made the transition to power for the sake of the environment. I'm just as guilty!

Ever since they put that Planetgreen channel on the line-up I've been addicted. I now have the reusable shopping bags which really are a great way to help with the environment. But I had already made one transition in the house before Planetgreen put the enviro-bug in me. We all know that especially in the SE the summer months are when we need to take out loans to pay our electric bills. At least in our house we generally don't see a bill below $325.00. So, trying to help out I switched out all of the bulbs in our house to CFL's or compact fluorescent lights. Not only are they supposed to be better for the environment but they cost considerably less to operate and they generate less heat. Here's an example: An 18 watt CFL used in place of a 75 watt bulb will not only last about 10 times longer but will cost $45.00 less to operate.

I can say this, along with switching out the bulbs and having a new dryer and dishwaher, our electric bill has not been above $275.00 all summer. So, who else has made the transition? And if you have, have you noticed any savings?

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Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

Wow - your electricity is CHEAP! Here in California, we were paying $325-350 a month year-round (we had bill averaging for the year). That included our gas use, too. We put solar on the house a year ago and we just got our full electric bill for 12 months - $460. So...if you have lots of sun, and I think Florida is known for that, consider putting solar panels on your home! That's a GREAT savings for just using CFLs!