Tuesday, August 12, 2008

School bell is almost ringing. . . .

Well it's about that time again. The time when we all get to wake up with smiles on our faces welcoming the morning sun with zeal. Being courteous to each other and excited about the upcoming school day.

Ok, so I haven't woken up from dreamland yet right? At least in our house it's first wake-up call at 6:00a, repeat again at 6:15a, and then screaming foghorn at 6:30. Run around looking for some earplugs so you don't have to listen to the complaining about the girl's taking too long in the bathroom, or he just ate the last muffin! The ever present grumblings about how school is a waste of time and I wish I didn't have to go!

At least there are some changes in our household this year, we now have two in high school, and two in the middle school. That's right I only have to fight traffic to two different schools this year!

On a serious note I was reading a great article in the Home Life Magazine that our Church regularly hands out. You know in our society today, pressure is put on all areas of our kids lives. Peer pressure is enormous, and it's even preached to them in elementary school the value of their GPA for college scholarships. We as parents are just as guilty. I think a lot of us try to live our youth through our children. Maybe pushing them to strive for things that we in our youth never achieved or even attempted. I know in our home we have one that is in band at the High School where from August to December it's practice after school every day and then football games on Fridays. The girl's both are into soccer with busy practice schedules as well. We are even going to have one in ROTC which is a new beginning for us so we'll have to wait and see. But, in this article there was a sidebar mentioning 5 warnings signs of overload. As parents we need to realize that just like us children need that time every day to be able to wind down and just "veg out". Here are some signs that their schedule may just be overloaded:
  • leaving homework unfinished or having to complete it late at night because that's the only time left.
  • rushing through meals in order to meet other commitments.
  • complaining about practice, games, or lessons.
  • falling asleep during the day.
  • chronic irritability.
If you notice any of the above maybe it's just time for a "step back" and prioritizing things. Even children need to learn that you can't accomplish or take part in every activity. Kids can discover the things that they really enjoy. Plus, I'm sure everyone will agree it will make everyone's home life a better one!

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