Friday, August 1, 2008

Shell shock. . . . .

The time is drawing near for that ever dreadful event in the life of any child or teen, I'm talking about the first day of school. Usually during the summer the boys can get away with something that is normally not tolerated in our household. I'm talking about shaggy hair.
They both were on the verge of being called mopheads. I personally can't stand to see unkempt hair on a boy no matter how good they "think" they look. Well a miracle took place the other day in our household. We were doing the normal puttering around the house when the phone started ringing. Caller ID said it was from the school board and I naturally thought that someone was calling me about a sub job. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I realized who it was on the other line. It was the commanding officer of the ROTC unit at the local high school of which Damien will be entering 9th grade. You would be proud that when I walked into the boy's room I only had a medium sized smirk on my face as I handed him the phone. He came walking out and said that orientation was next week. My reply was, "You know that this means you're going to have to get a haircut.". Oh I started picturing a flat top! This morning was the big day. I took both boys to the Olde Tyme Barber Shop here in town. Damien went first. The first question out of the barbers mouth was, "What kind of haircut do you want?". I didn't give Damien time to answer. I said, "He's going into ROTC this year." to which I got, "We know what kind of haircut you need, the Master Sergeant comes in here all the time!". What fun! I got to sit there and watch as Damien quietly took my secret punishment!

At one point the barber actually asked him if he was getting dizzy from losing all of that hair! Jacob was the lucky one. He was able to only get the "eyes, ears, and collar" rule that we normally enforce. He wouldn't agree to the flat top either.

Anyway, I have already had a LOVELY day! Unfortunately, I don't think the boys would agree.


Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

I love it!!! What a great looking bunch you've got!

Joyfull said...

They look GREAT!