Monday, August 4, 2008

Ramblings. . . .

You know there are some professions that make you wonder why in the world would someone drag themselves down to this level. Some of these could be lawyers, drug dealers, street walkers, but to me one of the lowest is telemarketers. No offense but these people must be either some of the most desperate or they just don't care what people think of them.

There is nothing more aggravating than to be right in the middle of something and mistakenly answer the phone without looking at the caller id. Then to hear that annoying let me see how much I can kiss up voice on the other line asking me how my day is going. One of these days I'm actually going to tell them the truth. Do you want to know how my day is going? It's going great! Had to wake up a grumpy teenager during summer break to take him up to the high school by 8am even though I wanted to sleep in since my 2 year old didn't get to sleep until after 1am since his sister's think it's funny to give him a caffeine fix via a central line until 10pm! I fell asleep on one of the girl's twin beds with said two year old who seemed like he was trying out for a kickboxing career all the while talking about eggies and crackers in his sleep (hey, it's his fav breakfast!). And, just when I thought I was getting him to agree to take a nap since my head was pounding and my eyes were burning from lack of sleep he decided to "crank up the volume" and pretend to be Lightning McQueen making at least 100 laps around the living room all the while squealing his tires in the turns. But low and behold, I FINALLY get him to sleep and just start drifting off to la la land myself when what's that? Oh the phone! And to my surprise who is on the other line? You! Apparently you seem to think that living out in the country I would certainly benefit from a fitness center membership to a gym that is 100 miles away. Oh I can see that one. As if chasing after a two year old all day and chasing off 4 teens before I commit euthanasia isn't enough, you think I would benefit from driving 100 miles to um let's see sweat and run myself out of breath? Gee I could stay right at home and do that for free!

I know what would be better, how about you write me a nice check for the $10,000 that you should be paying me right now for violating the do not call list. Better yet, how about I switch jobs with you for one day and let you deal with five kids and I'll enjoy calling people being completely annoying all for the sake of commerce.

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