Saturday, August 9, 2008

You comment I follow. . . . . .

One of the big issues with bloggers is pagerank. It all boils down to how many pages are linking to your blog. Most people think that if they are leaving tons of comments on different sites that this will increase their pagerank because of links back to their site. Unfortunately most templates have a little piece of code that inhibits linkbacks from occurring with comments. Here is a link to Randa Clay's site that has a nice article about this issue telling you how you can remove this code to start allowing linkbacks to the sites of those that leave comments for you. She has also designed some nice logos that you can add to your site letting everyone know that your site will allow linkbacks. I've added one myself to the sidebar on the right. So, don't worry! Leave all the comments you want! The more comments you leave the more linkbacks you'll now get!

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