Thursday, September 4, 2008

Household Helpers

Well I hope everyone enjoyed last week's post. If any of you were able to talk your hubbies into a set of the HE washer/dryer combos enjoy! This week I found a lovely site that lists cleaning schedules from the 1920's and other neat tidbits of info. I decided to post what this site found from the 20's as the appropriate things you should have stocked in your linen closet. Now if you're like me and have no linen closet then you'll have to cram them into the bottom drawer of your dresser like me!

2 wash cloths per person
4 hand towels per person
4 bath towels per person
2 bath mats for each bathroom

2 sets of sheets for each bed
2 pairs of pillowcases for each bed
2 blankets for each bed
1 quilt for each bed

2 bedspreads for each bed
2 mattress pads for each bed

Dining Room
2 table cloths (everyday)
1 table cloth (company)
12 cloth napkins

6 hand towels
6 lint free cloths for wiping glasses and dinnerware
6 dish towels

Boy what I have figured out is that I need to make a beeline for Bed, Bath, and Beyond ASAP!

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