Thursday, September 18, 2008

Household helpers. . . .

Well I hope everyone enjoyed last week's household helper. Needless to say my Hubby about had a coronary when he saw the receipt from Bed, Bath, and Beyond! Just kidding. I honestly don't know what I would do with all of that linen since I don't have a linen closet to put it into and the bottom drawer of my dresser can't hold anymore!

This week I found some neat cleaning helpers that I hope you all enjoy.

  • To unstick two photos, use a hair dryer on low heat to slowly melt them apart.
  • Stickers, decals, and glue. . . to unstick them from furniture, glass, etc. saturate them in vegetable oil and rub off.
  • To keep you chimney clean, throw a handful of salt on the fire.
  • To keep your coffee grinder blades sharp, throw in a cupful or rice and grind it to resharpen the blades.
  • Spoiled food odor- place a bowl of white vinegar on the counter for a few hours, the odor will disappear.
  • To have an odor free car - place a couple of charcoal briquettes under the seats. (just don't use the ones already soaked in lighter fluid!)
Have fun and enjoy!

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Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

Hey - I had never heard the coffee grinder tip! I was just thinking mine seemed a little dull and I thought I would have to replace it. THANKS! :) No problems with Ike for your family?