Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More proof that teenagers are brain-dead. . . . . .

When you live in a house with 4 teens you are never truly surprised about the daily antics and should I dare say sometime lack of common sense that goes along with the life of a teen. For those that would like to argue that these standard traits are more prevalent in boys than girls I would like to say that is not always the case.

Generally in our house it is split right down the middle in regards to their level of brain-deadness. But even I was a little surprised with the choice that my oldest daughter Meg made the other day. Our home has only 3 bedrooms. Now, with having 5 kids you can imagine that it's like sardines in a tin can. When our youngest Adam was born my Husband had the wonderful idea to convert our breakfast room into a small fourth bedroom. It turned out to be perfect especially since we never used the space except as a junk room anyway. Lately the girls have been campaigning to do some "rearranging". Their plan was for one of them to move into Adam's room and for Adam to bunk with the other in the bigger bedroom. At first I was opposed but then I think their latest round of "don't touch my stuff", or "she's the one that made the mess" got me onto their bandwagon. Saturday night was the start of the big move. As we were going through the mound of toys in Adam's room Meg came across an Elmo costume that I had picked up on a clearance rack last year. I just told her to put it in the bag with the rest of the items we were getting rid of since I knew it wouldn't fit Adam this year anyway. Well, little miss Meg decided to try it on for herself. Yes that's right a 13 year-old somehow thought that a costume made for a 2 year-old would be her size. I promise you she wasn't dropped on her head as a baby! Next thing I knew here she came in the living room barely able to move having to admit to me that she couldn't get it off! I couldn't pass up the opportunity, I quickly grabbed my camera and snapped a pic.

I wasn't worried there was no way she could stop me anyhow since she couldn't move her arms! I ended up having to cut her out of the thing. Hmmm, maybe I should have made her keep it on. It would have saved me money come October!

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Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

That's about the cutest Elmo I've ever seen! I have teens and know how goofy they can be!