Monday, September 29, 2008

Swamp Fullbright

You know it always seems that when a good thing happens, something bad comes up right behind to try and keep the score even. I was still on cloud 9 over the new washer. Hey, the first few nights forget satellite TV it was the maytag channel all the way! I never saw something fascinate the kids more than to watch the washer go through it's motions. I promise they do get out!

Anyway, the other day I walked into the kitchen to do one of my loads in the dishwasher when I noticed "the smell". Well, I took off my Helga the housekeeper hat and put on Pete the P.I. hat and went to work investigating the source of the stench. I thought the culprit was a bowl of bacon grease that was sitting on the counter. So, I tossed the suspect and thought all was well. Boy was I wrong! I walked back into the kitchen and hmmm the odor was still lingering. So more investigating was in order. If I had had any common sense I would have stopped, walked away and just used a clothes pin on my nose whenever I had to cook or eat! But no! I had to keep looking. Well, unfortunately for me I opened up the cabinet under the sink and about got knocked out by the stench that hit me square in the face. Yep, it seems that the drain hose from the dishwasher had popped off and you guessed it the bottom of my kitchen cabinet had become the drainfield! Again with one of those phone calls to the hubby. Boy he's going to stop answering his phone during the day when he sees it me calling! Anyway, when the poor hubby got home out came the shop-vac to take care of the "swamp". Unfortunately the "swamp" has left a melodious odor that is still permeating from under the sink. Four days later and I'm still waiting for the damp-rid to finish it's job so I can spray Lysol, Febreeze, my new body spray, the boys axe deodorant, and the girl's perfume. Hey, I figure the combination of the lot will smell better than what I've got right now!

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Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

Ugh - you are not having good luck these days! While it's all drying out, you might consider sprinkling baking soda over the area - that should help absorb some of the moisture AND the smell. You can also put a bowl of vinegar in the cabinet - unless the smell of vinegar is worse than what you're dealing with!