Monday, September 15, 2008

Week to forget. . . .

Well I'm sure that most of you have noticed that my posts have not been regular to say the least this past week. Unfortunately for me I have had a good reason. You see last weekend we took the youth from our Church to Disney for their annual Night of Joy. On Saturday on the way home I started noticing that on my side near my rib area I was having what I can only describe as a tingling burning sensation. By Sunday morning it had radiated to the middle of my back and toward the front as well. I had my unfortunate suspicions as to what it might be but they were definitely confirmed when Monday morning I woke up with an outbreak of a rash on my lower back. Yep, I had been blessed with a case of shingles! I can only say that to anyone that has ever had them my extreme condolences. I have never had anything that is as painful and aggravating. Add the fact of having a full schedule with 5 kids and it will push you right over the edge. I will say that the hubby and kids have been great and I've been able to rest quite a bit(especially since the pain pills pretty much knock you out). I am so hoping that this week brings a downslide in the nerve pain. We'll have to wait and see. So, sorry I've been lax about posting but I don't think any of you would have been able to comprehend what I would have written anyway!

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