Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What is the problem?

You know I always expect controversy when a Presidential Election is happening but I have never seen so many people that are supposedly level-headed and mature act like complete buffoons.

Ok, I know that this year's election is quite different from previous years but to see the complete down-spiral of judgment in regards to comments and stories regarding the Republican Vice Presidential candidate is disheartening,

Whether you are Republican or Democrat, a supporter or opposer of Sarah Palin at least treat her with the respect and dignity that she not only deserves as a human being but also as a proven Executive leader. So what she hasn't graced the halls of Congress or hasn't hammered out a peace deal in the middle-east. Who cares that she hasn't been mingling with the good 'ol boy network in Washington. I'm so sorry that she doesn't fit the profile of the usual sleek, professional politician that the bureaucrats enjoy. In fact I'm happy that she doesn't fit the typical profile.

In Sarah Palin you have a proven Executive leader on several different levels. She has a proven track record that she is not afraid to buck the system and go against the status quo. If her name was Stephen instead of Sarah I wouldn't even be needing to write this post. The fact of the matter is she is a working mother to five children. She is the wife to a blue-collar worker and daughter of community minded parents. Yes we all know that her daughter is facing the fact of being a teenage parent. I happen to think she is in very good hands. But frankly what difference does that fact make? The last I looked it was Sarah Palin's name on the Republican ticket and not her daughter's. Fact of the matter is IT DOESN'T MATTER!

Another thing that completely astounds me is the continual statements about her lack of experience. Or "She'll be one step away from the Presidency". And your point is? Let's look at some facts. Sarah Palin is a proven leader. She had led on several different levels from local all the way to her State's leader. She has proven herself over and again that she does not care about the status quo or party lines. On the other hand you have a candidate with the Democrats that has no Executive experience what so ever. In fact he has been campaigning from day one of his election to the Senate for President. Whenever given the chance to go against the stalwarts of Washington he has shown no backbone what so ever and has accomplished nothing in regards to reform. I think it is a complete mockery for him to get up there and base his campaign on the fact of reform when he apparently doesn't even know what the word means. The sad thing is that when you do hear someone speak in his regard, it comes across as complete rehearsed propaganda. I never thought in my lifetime I would hear people in my own country sound like brainwashed robots when supporting a candidate who has no track record what so ever to back up his campaign promises. I will agree that he is a very charismatic and gifted speaker. Being able to make a great speech has nothing to do with being able to lead a nation. If you want to hear him talk, then hire him as the offical speech maker of the Democratic party, or have him open up every session of Congress. This is my question, would Obama's personal life and choices hold up under the same scrutiny that Sarah Palin is experiencing I think not! Maybe it's time for the masses to change their focus from Palin to Obama. You just might find some skeletons in his closet.

Come on people, this isn't a rock concert this is a Presidential election.

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Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

I couldn't have said it better! Good job, Danell.