Friday, January 30, 2009

My Husband Rocks. . . . .

I found this through my s/i/l Joyce's blog. So, I thought I would join the bandwagon and send a much deserved shout out to my hubby. As if being a hardworking father to five kids isn't enough, being a wonderful, loving, and supportive husband is just icing on the cake. This week was no different. I had to have some outpatient surgery on Wednesday and my hubby was definitely my choice to be my company for the day. Up at 4:45a and out the door by 5:30a for our road-trip to Gainesville. Ok, so he DID eat a wonderful McDonald's breakfast in front of me but I really can't blame him I probably would have done the same thing! Now for any of you that have gone through any minor surgical procedure you all know that there is probably a lot of blackmail material that happens between the time you are prepped for your procedure and the time that you actually leave the hospital. I'm sure that my visit was no exception. At least so far I haven't heard anyone laughing behind my back from any stories he has been telling! I can honestly say that the hubb's was great in every aspect although I still say he hoarded the crossword so he could get all of the easy ones first before he would share! Overall having him with me made the day not only go by quicker but much more calming as well. I can honestly say that I am a blessed woman to be able to share her life with her best friend. My hubby truly does rock!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mickey, Minnie, and a whole lot more. . . .

Well this past weekend we decided to take Adam to the Magic Kingdom in Orlando. This was just a Daddy, Mommy, and Adam trip much to the chagrin of his older siblings. Talk about jealous! I can say that I was excited none the less! I even decided to take old Captain Kirk's advice and booked our hotel through Hey, I don't think I did too bad, booked a 31/2 star "upscale" (whatever!) hotel for $52.00 a night. I thought that was a pretty good savings especially since the rates posted at the hotel were over $120.00. Anyway, we loaded up Friday afternoon and off we went. We hadn't even made it to Lake City when my phone rang and we were informed that my stepson Damien had left his xbox in the back of the Yukon. Sorry Da-Da! He actually had to survive a weekend without video games! The horror! Well, we arrived in pretty good time and that's when the little guy decided that it was time to go and see Mickey's house. We tried to inform him that Mickey had already gone to bed and that his house was locked (hey we are talking a 2 year old!) and we would have to wait until the morning. Well, Adam quickly informed me to get my keys and open it up myself! Geesh! I know mommies are supposed to do anything but I don't think that includes getting the all important magical key from Disney! After some "discussion" well actually us trying to "rationalize" with Adam that Mickey would have to wait until the morning we actually got him to bed after poor Dad had to read what seemed like every kid's book known to man before the little guy would fall out. I would like to say that the next morning Adam woke up with a smile but I would be lying. Let's just say that he really didn't care where we were going, he was just really peeved that we woke him up! After some coaxing off to breakfast at Ihop where he and Daddy learned the finer ways of eating waffles with strawberry syrup! Yum! After a quick ride on the shuttle bus Adam had his first experience on the Monorail, Ferry Boat, and lines at Disney! Whew! Who knew in January that that many people decided to do the very exact thing as us? Overall Adam's first encounter with Mickey was a great one. I thought I would share some of the day with you. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Birds or Blue-Collar?

Well with the upcoming superbowl I thought I would try and include it in this week's question. Of course most of you should know that the two teams playing are the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers. So, here's the question. Who's going to win? I personally am rooting for the Steelers. They of course were my father's favorite NFL team especially since he was from McKeesport which is actually a suburb of Pittsburgh. I often tell my kids that growing up the only time we did not go to Church on Sunday night was when the Steelers were in the superbowl and that's because my Dad was throwing a superbowl party! :o)

Indoor plumbing!

Well you all know from a previous post about my "hillbilly bathroom". Although I still have it (plans are in the works for a re-do), the hubby and I decided that the kid's BR needed the attention first. So, after I put on my Bob the Builder hat and demolition began! I was actually very excited to start the project but I can honestly say that excitement flew right out the bathroom window after about 30 minutes. After pulling out the "pretty things", you find out just what is hiding in those areas you don't see. I have never seen so much mold in the walls. That and the lovely hole in the floor under the tub that the builders left. There is no telling what little "critters" used that area as their winter vacation home. Well after deconstruction, the building began. We took the entire room down to the studs and subfloor. I can't believe what a difference! Let's see, new tub and surround, all new drywall, new ceramic tile floor, new tile on the walls, paint, and I tell you it looks like an entirely different room! My favorite part is the glass mosaic tiles we used as a "border" around the room. I am still amazed at the transformation. It's probably the fact that the hubby and I actually pulled it off with only about 30 "disagreements" and maybe 2 "intense discussions". :o) I'll post pics later, right now I'm off to take a nice long hot shower in the new BR but wait a minute, can't do that because the drainfield on the septic tank is backed up and the septic tank is "leaking" all over the backyard. Boy that's an entirely different post!

Soccer Season

Well, the Suwannee Middle School girl's soccer team had another great season this year. They finished 8-2. Meg actually had to move up to forward after one of their starting players got hurt at the beginning of the season. She got her first "upper 90" which I'm told is a kick to one of the upper corners of the goal. I'm still learning all of the soccer lingo so those of you veterans will have to forgive me. She is now getting ready to start on a travel team in a couple of weeks so I'll keep you posted. Brenna has now started her Rec league and the team is doing good. So far they have only one loss. Brenna is playing mid-field and is doing pretty well and enjoying it too. I think the best part is the fact that their sponsor is Little Caesar's so anytime they win that's right, PIZZA!

I'm baaaaaack!!!!

Well folks I'm back from my world tour where I visited Rome, Athens, and Hahira. No, I'm not talking Europe. First of all there is not enough liquor in the world to get me to agree to get on an airplane that is flying over the ocean for that long especially since I don't drink! Actually I've been on a whirlwind tour of mom, chauffeur, nurse, mechanic, construction supervisor, plumber, tiler, painter, and a bunch of other hats that I have forgotten. As you can guess, we've had a few things going on at our house. Soccer, remodeling, sickness (let's not even go there!), and too many other things to list. So, after a quick well not actually quick a rather long and headache causing makeover to the blog I am back to share all the wonderful, disgusting, aggravating, hypertension causing escapades that go along with a blended family of seven! Hope you all enjoyed the holidays and that you all survived them healthy and happy and hopefully with less than $10,000 in credit card bills.