Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Indoor plumbing!

Well you all know from a previous post about my "hillbilly bathroom". Although I still have it (plans are in the works for a re-do), the hubby and I decided that the kid's BR needed the attention first. So, after I put on my Bob the Builder hat and demolition began! I was actually very excited to start the project but I can honestly say that excitement flew right out the bathroom window after about 30 minutes. After pulling out the "pretty things", you find out just what is hiding in those areas you don't see. I have never seen so much mold in the walls. That and the lovely hole in the floor under the tub that the builders left. There is no telling what little "critters" used that area as their winter vacation home. Well after deconstruction, the building began. We took the entire room down to the studs and subfloor. I can't believe what a difference! Let's see, new tub and surround, all new drywall, new ceramic tile floor, new tile on the walls, paint, and I tell you it looks like an entirely different room! My favorite part is the glass mosaic tiles we used as a "border" around the room. I am still amazed at the transformation. It's probably the fact that the hubby and I actually pulled it off with only about 30 "disagreements" and maybe 2 "intense discussions". :o) I'll post pics later, right now I'm off to take a nice long hot shower in the new BR but wait a minute, can't do that because the drainfield on the septic tank is backed up and the septic tank is "leaking" all over the backyard. Boy that's an entirely different post!

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