Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mickey, Minnie, and a whole lot more. . . .

Well this past weekend we decided to take Adam to the Magic Kingdom in Orlando. This was just a Daddy, Mommy, and Adam trip much to the chagrin of his older siblings. Talk about jealous! I can say that I was excited none the less! I even decided to take old Captain Kirk's advice and booked our hotel through Hey, I don't think I did too bad, booked a 31/2 star "upscale" (whatever!) hotel for $52.00 a night. I thought that was a pretty good savings especially since the rates posted at the hotel were over $120.00. Anyway, we loaded up Friday afternoon and off we went. We hadn't even made it to Lake City when my phone rang and we were informed that my stepson Damien had left his xbox in the back of the Yukon. Sorry Da-Da! He actually had to survive a weekend without video games! The horror! Well, we arrived in pretty good time and that's when the little guy decided that it was time to go and see Mickey's house. We tried to inform him that Mickey had already gone to bed and that his house was locked (hey we are talking a 2 year old!) and we would have to wait until the morning. Well, Adam quickly informed me to get my keys and open it up myself! Geesh! I know mommies are supposed to do anything but I don't think that includes getting the all important magical key from Disney! After some "discussion" well actually us trying to "rationalize" with Adam that Mickey would have to wait until the morning we actually got him to bed after poor Dad had to read what seemed like every kid's book known to man before the little guy would fall out. I would like to say that the next morning Adam woke up with a smile but I would be lying. Let's just say that he really didn't care where we were going, he was just really peeved that we woke him up! After some coaxing off to breakfast at Ihop where he and Daddy learned the finer ways of eating waffles with strawberry syrup! Yum! After a quick ride on the shuttle bus Adam had his first experience on the Monorail, Ferry Boat, and lines at Disney! Whew! Who knew in January that that many people decided to do the very exact thing as us? Overall Adam's first encounter with Mickey was a great one. I thought I would share some of the day with you. Enjoy!

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