Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Question of the week. . .

Since we are planning a garden this year I thought I would throw it out to everyone as this week's question. So, are you planning a garden or are your veggies located in the frozen food section? :o)

Aren't you jealous?

The last poll question was in regards to everyone's Valentine's plans. Most of us are in the same boat meaning we really didn't have any special plans. Well ladies I'm sure after you read this post you will all be jealous of the "date" that my Hubby and I had. Now I'm not talking your normal run of the mill date. We didn't opt for the romantic dinner for two at the french restaurant on the corner. Although that's probably good since where we live if you ask someone about french cuisine their response would probably be "Well them there frenchy fries up at McDonald's beats out all of them others." I mean we do live in a rural area. And we didn't opt for the balloon ride at dusk. Around here you might get mistaken for a duck or quail and find your rear end full of bird shot. We didn't even go for the boat ride for two. With my luck my hubby would whip out the ol' fishing rod and try to land "the big one". No we decided to throw caution to the wind and spare no expense for our rare treat. We went to a chicken auction. Now ladies pick yourselves up off the floors and quit laughing. I mean come on, where else can you go for great food (ok, a bag of peanuts), fragrant aromas (just don't sit too close to the animal pens), and entertainment (that auctioneer can sure talk fast). Truly it was actually pretty fun. The funniest is seeing someone get outbid. Boy there was one women there who was not having a good night. If she had only bid another dollar she could have taken home that cute little bunny that probably would have multiplied into 500 by the time she got it back to her house! Before you say that I am totally hick for thinking that a chicken auction was a totally acceptable replacement for a romantic dinner, apparently several of our friends thought the same as me. Our friends J & G proudly walked away with 16 rhode island reds (that's chickens and not red headed housewives) that were promptly put into the back of my Yukon. Even our friends D & J decided to splurge for their date night as well. I only wish I had lined the back of my yukon with newspaper. I'm still trying to get the lovely little "deposits" out that those dang chickens left behind.

ROTC - A Mother's best friend. . . . . . .

Last year when Damien told me that he had joined ROTC for the upcoming school year my first thought was "Who are you and what have you done with the real Damien?". I mean, we are talking about a normal 15 year old who hated to get his hair cut and forget about ironing clothes. Well, believe it or not, he apparently loves it. He was recently promoted to "seaman" I don't really have any idea what that is but hey any promotion is a good one isn't it? :o) Well Brenna and I were waiting for boys after school one day when all of a sudden Brenna said, "Hey, is that Damien coming? It looks like he got a haircut.". I looked up sure that it was another boy that she had seen when to my surprise it was Damien and his hair looked different from afar but I was sure that he hadn't gotten a haircut especially since there is no barber class at the high school yet! But, much to my surprise as he got close sure enough he had been thoroughly scalped. Brenna and I couldn't hold back our smirks as he got into the car. Apparently the ROTC Master Sgt. had hired a barber to come into class and give haircuts! Go Navy! I'm telling you, all mothers everywhere should enroll their boys. I now have one that has his hair almost as short as his Dad (and he's shiny on top!), and he asks me to take clothes to the cleaners. Could it be any better?!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Question of the week. . . .

Well with "that" holiday coming up, you know the one where by the end of the evening your are either walking on cloud 9 or sulking in the basement because your significant other wasn't on the same wave-length as you. Believe me I have had my share of ups and downs over the years. I can remember one year where I went all out. Took off early from work, made chocolate covered strawberries, a nice dinner by candlelight only to be rewarded by my significant other at the time by a candy bar in a plastic bag. My Hubby and I differ on our outlook. I still take the time to go and pick out at least a nice card. He on the other hand has proposed in recent years that "we don't go overboard on anything". Personally I think it's so he doesn't have to remember the date!(I distinctly remember a few years ago when the only reason he remembered my birthday was because my father called to wish me one!). So, all you women out there, do you and your significant other plan anything "special" even if it's just a love note in the lunch box?

Fav Foods

Last night for the Superbowl I thought I would try out an idea for personal pizzas that "Eva Braun" aka Ana had given me. The kids (well actually me once the game started) really enjoyed doing them especially Adam. They are very easy to make and end up being a really nice little snack if you have just one or a great meal if you want more. Here's what you need:

Can of Pillsbury "Grand" Biscuits (not the butter type)
Jar of Pizza Sauce
Various Toppings
Wax Paper

Start off by getting your wax paper. You need two pieces in order to "sandwich" the biscuit between them. They don't have to be huge just big enough to cover the flattened biscuit. Put one biscuit in between the layers and now the fun begins. If you have any built up frustration or stress (hmm 4 teenagers I don't know why I would have any of that!) you can take it out on that poor cute little wad of dough! Start pounding away! Just flatten it out until you have gotten the thickness in the dough you want. Once finished transfer the flattened dough onto a greased cookie sheet. Spread on your sauce (usually 1 tbs is sufficient), sprinkle on the cheese and add your desired toppings. Bake in the oven at 350 degrees. Now, I really don't time mine I just kind of do the "quick look" method. Once they're a golden brown they're done. Bring them out and voila! A cute and yummy fun dinner! Enjoy!

Household helpers. . . . . .

You know with the economy probably being foremost on everyone's mind lately I thought that I would try an incorporate some "frugal" household helpers. Isn't it funny how you can walk down the cleaning aisle of any store and probably find 10 or more of each cleaning product each touting the benefits of using theirs over another brand. But, have you ever actually looked at the ingredients? The biggest hurdle to cross would be to pronounce some of the words much less know what exactly is in it! Hence, my idea of posting some tried and true "homemade" cleaners. I hope you not only enjoy using these natural remedies but that your wallet thanks you in the long run!

Carpet Freshener: Combine 3/4 cup baking soda, 2 tbsp corn starch, and 1/4 cup perfumed talcum powder. Sprinkler on dry carpet, let stand 5 to 15 minutes, then vacuum.

Window Cleaner
: 1/2 cup sudsy ammonia to 1 gallon water

All Purpose Cleaner
: Mix 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/4 cup baking soda into 1/2 gallon water.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner
: Mix 1/4 cup baking soda and 1 cup vinegar, pour into bowl and let it set for a few minutes. Scrub with brush and rinse.

Go Steelers! ! !

So this is how it happened. . . .

Our household has been battling the sickies this past week and today's zits sums it all up as to how they probably got it. This was my schedule last week: Monday - Adam at the Dr. in the AM for a cat bite and ear infection. Meg at the Dr. in the PM for what turned out to be strep throat. Tuesday - Jake at the Dr. for our second case of strep throat for the week. Wednesday - Me having to be down in Gainesville in the early AM for minor Outpatient surgery. Thursday - Meg back at the Dr. for her second visit for more meds (gotta love those copays). Friday - Me finally getting some "down time" and fielding calls from the Middle school as to why Megs had been out all week. Saturday - Me at Brenna's soccer game bright and early and then back on the tractor in the PM getting ready to plant. Oh, and also deciding Saturday was a good day to completely inconvenience the boys and make them help me prune back the grapevines. Ooooh, so sorry poor XBOX had to find some other playmates that day! Sunday - I finally had had enough of seeing brown leaves all over the yard and the horror! I made ALL the kids come out and help rake them up so I could burn them. Am I horrible or what! Now all I need to do is find some ways this week to keep it going! :o) Oh, and did I mention that "Eva Braun" is coming over this afternoon to do a room check? You gotta love Mondays!