Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Aren't you jealous?

The last poll question was in regards to everyone's Valentine's plans. Most of us are in the same boat meaning we really didn't have any special plans. Well ladies I'm sure after you read this post you will all be jealous of the "date" that my Hubby and I had. Now I'm not talking your normal run of the mill date. We didn't opt for the romantic dinner for two at the french restaurant on the corner. Although that's probably good since where we live if you ask someone about french cuisine their response would probably be "Well them there frenchy fries up at McDonald's beats out all of them others." I mean we do live in a rural area. And we didn't opt for the balloon ride at dusk. Around here you might get mistaken for a duck or quail and find your rear end full of bird shot. We didn't even go for the boat ride for two. With my luck my hubby would whip out the ol' fishing rod and try to land "the big one". No we decided to throw caution to the wind and spare no expense for our rare treat. We went to a chicken auction. Now ladies pick yourselves up off the floors and quit laughing. I mean come on, where else can you go for great food (ok, a bag of peanuts), fragrant aromas (just don't sit too close to the animal pens), and entertainment (that auctioneer can sure talk fast). Truly it was actually pretty fun. The funniest is seeing someone get outbid. Boy there was one women there who was not having a good night. If she had only bid another dollar she could have taken home that cute little bunny that probably would have multiplied into 500 by the time she got it back to her house! Before you say that I am totally hick for thinking that a chicken auction was a totally acceptable replacement for a romantic dinner, apparently several of our friends thought the same as me. Our friends J & G proudly walked away with 16 rhode island reds (that's chickens and not red headed housewives) that were promptly put into the back of my Yukon. Even our friends D & J decided to splurge for their date night as well. I only wish I had lined the back of my yukon with newspaper. I'm still trying to get the lovely little "deposits" out that those dang chickens left behind.

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