Tuesday, February 24, 2009

ROTC - A Mother's best friend. . . . . . .

Last year when Damien told me that he had joined ROTC for the upcoming school year my first thought was "Who are you and what have you done with the real Damien?". I mean, we are talking about a normal 15 year old who hated to get his hair cut and forget about ironing clothes. Well, believe it or not, he apparently loves it. He was recently promoted to "seaman" I don't really have any idea what that is but hey any promotion is a good one isn't it? :o) Well Brenna and I were waiting for boys after school one day when all of a sudden Brenna said, "Hey, is that Damien coming? It looks like he got a haircut.". I looked up sure that it was another boy that she had seen when to my surprise it was Damien and his hair looked different from afar but I was sure that he hadn't gotten a haircut especially since there is no barber class at the high school yet! But, much to my surprise as he got close sure enough he had been thoroughly scalped. Brenna and I couldn't hold back our smirks as he got into the car. Apparently the ROTC Master Sgt. had hired a barber to come into class and give haircuts! Go Navy! I'm telling you, all mothers everywhere should enroll their boys. I now have one that has his hair almost as short as his Dad (and he's shiny on top!), and he asks me to take clothes to the cleaners. Could it be any better?!

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